Join us on our mission to put social value at the heart of public sector procurement. We are designing solutions to help social enterprises win and deliver public sector contracts. We are working to bring social enterprises and public services together to drive real impact for local communities.

Follow our journey!

It is time for a new approach to procurement.

Every year the public sector procures £200bn worth of goods and services from large contractors. That's almost a third of total government spending.

We know that public service providers are committed to helping local communities thrive. Imagine if this spending power was used to drive social impact?

Social enterprise suppliers could meet this need by delivering high-quality services with social impact at their core. But 70% report that the process of bidding for contracts is too expensive, time-consuming, and complex to complete.

If we can bridge the gap between social enterprises and the public sector, we can make procurement a force for good in our local communities!